Psychology 1301: Introduction to Psychology

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Psychology 2301: Introduction to Psychology

Course Syllabus for Fall 2016

Section 01--08:00 TTh

Section 02--11:00 TTh

Marshall Hall-107

General Description

An introductory course in psychology: the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.

Catalog Description

 This course offers a study of the basic principles of psychology and their bearing on the nervous system, growth, learning, thinking, drives, emotions, intelligence, and individual differences.

Course Objectives

To apply the concepts of intellectual inquiry, social consciousness, wellness, skills for a contemporary society, global awareness, and Christian character to the field of psychology.

Major topics

  1. Psychology--The search for understanding

  2. Research Methods and Critical Thinking

  3. The Brain, Biology, and Behavior

  4. Human Development

  5. Sensation and Perception

  6. States of Consciousness

  7. Conditioning and Learning

  8. Memory

  9. Cognition, Language, and Creativity

  10. Intelligence

  11. Motivation and Emotion

  12. Personality

  13. Health, Stress, and Coping

  14. Psychological Disorders

  15. Therapies

  16. Social Behavior

  17. Transformational Consciousness: Taking on the Mind of Christ

(embedded throughout the course and included on Unit exams)
Method of Evaluation (500 points total)

Five unit exams covering the chapters (units) in BOTH TEXTS denoted below.

All exams will be multiple-choice in format.

All Unit Exams will be 100 points.

The Unit Five Exam will be the Final Exam

500 points total

Grading scale:





below 300=F

Class Attendance:

Class attendance is mandatory.

Excused absences include sickness, death in the family, and absence due to ETBU activity.

Written documentation is required for an excused absence.

If you must miss class due to an ETBU activity, please notify the instructor prior to missing class.

You must attend 75% of the classes to pass the course.


Robert L. Benefield, PhD

Professor of Psychology and Criminal Justice

Department of Behavioral Science

Office: Marshall 103-F

Phone: 903 923-2089

Office Hours

Monday Wednesday Friday

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