Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Head: Rex Kay (

Administrative Coordinator: Julie Wilson (


During the course of your residency you will spend a considerable amount of your time learning how to work and think psychodynamically. Between your own clinical work, seminars and supervision, and dynamic teaching that occurs during many other rotations, you will develop the requisite skills and perspectives. However, you are well-advised to be patient with yourselves: this is not an easy field to encompass and you are unlikely to encounter a supervisor who does not feel they continue to improve year-by-year.

This document seeks to give you a sense of the entire program, and contains information for junior residents, senior residents, and supervisors. It is a work in progress, and residents and supervisors alike are asked to let us know if you note errors or omissions.


150 hours of treatment: once weekly treatment of an adult up to 80 hours, and at least one case seen in weekly or twice-weekly therapy for at least 70 hours. Most residents exceed these numbers, and all residents are encouraged to try to work with more than two patients during the course of their training.


This program has two primary objectives:

1. To enable residents to work psychodynamically with patients

2. To enable residents to think dynamically, where appropriate, with all psychiatric patients

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