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In partnership with

Foundation Degree Counselling (FdSc)


Herefordshire College of Technology and the University of Worcester are committed to ensuring that disabled people, including those with specific learning difficulties and/or mental health difficulties, are treated fairly. Reasonable adjustments to provision will be made to ensure that disabled students and other disabled people are not disadvantaged. This handbook can be provided in a variety of formats upon request.

This handbook is for advice and guidance only and is not a substitute for the formal Academic Regulations and Procedures of the University of Worcester and Herefordshire College of Technology. In case of any conflict these formal statements and requirements take precedence over the handbook.
Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in the handbook at the time of publication. The University and Herefordshire College of Technology reserve the right to change the information given at any time.

© 2009 University of Worcester

Herefordshire College of Technology

I am delighted to welcome you to Herefordshire College of Technology and the University of Worcester and wish you every success as you start this new course.

The Foundation Degree in Counselling Programme is validated by the University of Worcester. This means that, if you successfully complete all parts of the Programme, you will receive a University of Worcester qualification and may, if you wish, attend the graduation ceremony. You will enrol at the Faculty of Community Studies, Herefordshire College of Technology.
You should ensure that you read this handbook in conjunction with the UW Student Handbook, a copy of which you will find via the “My Course Details” tab within your SOLE page.

Ian Peake

Principal, Herefordshire College of Technology

Fiona Price

Carol Morgan

Course Tutors Foundation Degree Counselling

July 2010.

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