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Proof for the 2012-2013 Duke University Bulletin of Undergraduate Instruction, p.



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Psychology and Neuroscience (PSY)

Professor Cooper, Chair; Associate Research Professor Rabiner, Director of Undergraduate Studies; Senior Lecturing Fellow Murphy, Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies; Professors , Asher, Bettman, Blumenthal, Brannon, Cabeza, Caspi, Chartrand, Cooper, Costanzo, Costello, Curry, DeBellis, Dodge, Fitzsimons, Flanagan, George, Groh, W. C. Hall, Hariri, Hoyle, Huettel, F. Keefe, R. Keefe, LaBar, Larrick, Leary, Levin, Lisanby, J. Lynch, Madden, March, Meck, Moffitt, Nicolelis, Nowicki, Palmer, Payne, Platt, Purves, Putallaz, Rezvani, Robins, Roth, Rubin, Schmajuk, Sheppard, Sherwood, Siegler, Sikkema, Smith-Lovin, Spenner, Strauman, Surwit, Swartzwelder, Thompson, Vidmar, Weinfurt, Whitfield, C. Williams, R. Williams, and Woldorff; Associate Professors Angold, Bennett, Bonner, Day, Fairbank, Fitzsimons, Gold, Guzeldere, Kay, Levin, Linville, Luber, Marsh, Mazuka, Shah, Wells, and Welsh-Bohmer; Assistant Professors Adcock, Bilbo, Compton, Edwards, Egner, Fitzgerald, Fuemmeler, Gassman-Pines, Gibson-Davis, Harris, Joh, Linnenbrink-Garcia, Mead, Mitroff, Rosenthal, Smart-Richman, Wilbourn, Yin, and Zucker; Professors Emeriti , Coie, Eckerman, C. Erickson, R. Erickson, Kremen, Lockhead, H. Schiffman, and M. Wallach; Research Professor L. Wallach; Associate Research Professor Rabiner; Assistant Professor of the Practice Grimes; Adjunct Assistant Professor Serra; ; Research Associates Alexander, Batson, Jurkowski; Clinical Associate Whidby; Senior Lecturing Fellow Murphy

A major or a minor is available in this department.

There are five areas within the major: Abnormal/Health, Biological, Cognitive, Developmental, and Social. Most courses are classified into one or more of these areas. For a complete listing of courses by area, check the Undergraduate section of the Psychology and Neuroscience website.

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