Progress Symposium

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Progress Symposium

Tuesday 4th May 1999

Centre for Information on Language Teaching and Research, London

Robert Crawshaw (chair), Eva Eppler, Jessica Abrahams (notes), Sylvie Toll, Simon Hall, Anne Banks, Tim Lewis, Ursula Stickler, Barry Jones

Michael Byram, Paul Davey, Philippa Wright, Anthony Howick, Michael Kelly, Ranald MacDonald, Cheryl Winchester, Beth Callen

Robert Crawshaw welcomed the participants and thanked them for attending. He hoped the meeting would offer an opportunity for a discussion of the commitments of each of the partner institutions to the work of the project which would then result in proposals which could be tabled at the Consortial and Advisory meeting due to take place on 25th May and which would help to shape the activities planned for the final year of the project.

The members would need to consider how the sub-projects could convert the work of the sub-projects into deliverables to mark progress towards the final year's work.

The members were asked to draw up a list of suggestions for discussion on May 25th of what activities and deliverables could be planned for the final year of the project. It was important to consider these in advance of the meeting so the members were asked to submit them for distribution by 15th May 1999.

The discussion of the meeting was primarily to further the progress of the sub-projects but also leading into next year's work.

Lancaster had been storing bibliographic material for some months on Endnote software. This was available to consortium members.

Dissemination at conferences
It was agreed to draw up a list of research projects and papers for presentation at conferences for all members of the consortium. Members were asked to send details to Jessica Abrahams in advance of the 25th May meeting so that a list could be circulated.

Report by the Intercultural Activities Working Party

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