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Materials day 1: Introducing Problem-based learning

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Materials day 1: Introducing Problem-based learning:

The “Seven Jump”

1. Clarify terms and concepts in the problem description unknown to you

2. Define the problem. That is: list the phenomena to be explained

3. Explain the problem; try to produce as many different explanations for the phenomena as you can think of. Use prior knowledge and common sense

4. Arrange the explanations proposed; try to produce a coherent description of the process that, according to what you think, underlie the phenomena

5. Formulate learning goals

6. Attempt to fill the gaps in your knowledge through individual study

7. Share your findings with your group and try to integrate the knowledge acquired into a comprehensive explanation for the phenomena. Check whether you know enough

Thunderclap problem
It is a hot and humid day. Many ascending dust particles can be observed in the air. By the end of the afternoon, dark clouds are building up and the weather becomes even more oppressive. Then, suddenly: lightning in the far distance followed by a thunderclap. Heavy rain.

A thunderstorm.

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