Producing Multi-Media Teaching/Learning

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Producing Multi-Media Teaching/Learning Materials for Teaching Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Australian Law Schools: And the Lesson is . . . Soldier On

M J Le Brun with T Ryan, P Weyand, & L Scull


Implementation of a new medium or method cannot be expected to work perfectly but probably provides some benefits along with its disadvantages. We need to learn the lessons of each implementation, and then use those lessons learned. In this way we slowly build a body of knowledge of how best to use educational media, and a teaching profession that knows what it is doing and why.1  (emphasis added)

The aim of this article is to encourage law teachers to produce interactive teaching/learning materials in law and to share the lessons that they learn from their work to enrich what we know about the development of, and student learning with, multimedia teaching/learning products.2 In this article I describe the process of the creation of an interactive CD-ROM designed to teach law students and trainee legal practitioners3 legal ethics and professional responsibility (“LE/PR”). I outline some of the problems that were faced and the lessons that were learned so that other law teachers and multi-media developers might profit from them and more confidently embark on producing interactive teaching/ learning materials that enrich learning in law. In so doing, I hope to be able to contribute to the development of a scholarship of teaching as advocated by Boyer and other educationalists and translate what Laurillard suggests about teaching and learning with multi-media into practice.

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