Princeton University Buzzerfest Resurrection: Episode IV, a new Hope

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Princeton University Buzzerfest Resurrection: Episode IV, A New Hope

April 21, 2001
Packet by Chicago (Ed Cohn, Jeff Bennett, Matt Reece, and Leah Williams)

1. . First published in 1604, roughly a decade after the death of its author, this play contains several comical scenes that may have been added by later authors. The Seven Deadly Sins make an appearance as characters, as do Darius, Alexander the Great, and Helen of Troy—with whom the title German falls madly in love after selling his soul to the devil. For 10 points––name this 1588 Christopher Marlowe play on a subject treated more famously by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

ANSWER: The Tragicall History of Doctor Faustus [do not accept or prompt on “Faust”]
2. Its tribal supporters could be identified by the distinctive red batons sticking out of their turbans; hence the name "qizalbush," or "redheads." Descended from a Sufi order both Turkish and Sunni, by the time of its rule it had evolved to become both Persian and

Shia. Founded by the 14-year-old war prodigy Shah Ismail and lasting until the overthrow of Shah Husayn by the Afghans, it imposed Shiism on the hitherto Sunni Iranian population. For 10 points--name this dynasty that ruled Iran from 1501 to 1732.

ANSWER: Safavid dynasty
3. Cartan developed the theory of these in 1913. The two-component version, modulo phase difference between the complex components can be mapped onto null four-vectors. Combined in pairs along with Pauli matrices, they can make Lorentz scalars, pseudoscalars, vectors, pseudo-vectors, and higher order tensors. For ten points, what are these mathematical objects, important in relativistic quantum field theory's Dirac


ANSWER: spinors
4. John Fiore's Tony Profaci has appeared occasionally since the first season. After Carolyn McCormick left the show, there was no recurring psychologist until J. K. Simmons began portraying Dr. Emil Skoda in the 8th season. Dann Florek played Donald Cragen in seasons one to three, and returned to the spinoff 5 years later. Fans of the show theorize that Jack McCoy and Claire Kincaid were having an affair before Claire was killed in a car accident at the end of season 6. For 10 points––name this NBC drama with a revolving-door cast, currently featuring Sam Waterston and Jerry Orbach.
ANSWER: Law and Order
5. Like Bob Dole, he grew up in the town of Russell, Kansas. A two-term district attorney, he was elected to the Senate in 1980 after losing bids for governor and senator, but is better known for his quixotic 1996 presidential campaign, for developing the Warren Commission’s lone-gunman theory, and for his tough grilling of Anita Hill in 1991. For 10 points––name this pro-choice Republican senator from Pennsylvania.
ANSWER: Arlen Specter
6. His 1887 work “On the Concept of Number: Psychological Analyses” represented the shift in his interest from math to psychology under the influence of Franz Brentano. He was replaced by his protégé Martin Heidegger when he retired, but Heidegger barred him from the university because of his Jewish heritage and developed the theory of Phenomenology in directions his mentor had never intended. For 10 points--name this German philosopher, a teacher of Jean-Paul Sarte and a founder of Phenomenology.
ANSWER: Edmund Husserl
7. The physical features of its protagonist are based on those of the composer Gustav Mahler, and its story was inspired by reports that, at 74, Goethe had become infatuated with a young girl while vacationing in Italy. Figures with red hair constantly haunt the protagonist, novelist Gustav von Aschenbach, as he pursues the Polish boy Tadzio during a cholera epidemic, before Aschenbach is debased by his passion and dies from the disease. FTP, name this 1912 Thomas Mann novella.
ANSWER: Death in Venice
8. . These organic compounds react with Grignard reagents to form tertiary alcohols, and they are vital precursors in saponification. Their synthesis involves heating a mixture of a carboxylic acid and an alcohol along with a strong acid catalyst. Carboxylic varieties of these molecules have the odors of many fruits, and are often used as artificial flavorings. For 10 points––name this class of organic molecules, most commonly formed by replacing a hydrogen in a carboxylic acid with another organic group.
ANSWER: esters
9. Plans for the battle were outlined in “Special Order 191,” which was discovered wrapped around three cigars by Union Corporal Barton Mitchell near Frederick. Robert E. Lee had been dealt a setback at South Mountain three days before, and the battle that followed would results in the deaths of six generals and in 22,700 casualties on both sides, ending Lee’s invasion of Maryland. For 10 points––name this September 1862 battle, the bloodiest of the Civil War.
ANSWER: Antietam (grudgingly accept: Sharpsburg)
10. Set to a Freudian imagery-filled text by the minor symbolist poet Albert Giraud, its songs are about the title character's frustrated loves, neuroses, and pranks. With an "orchestra" of only five musicians, as much time is spent in instrumental solo as in ensemble play. Perhaps because the music lacked tunes, and the singer didn’t sing, this 1912 work was immediately influential. FTP, name this Arnold Schoenberg work consisting of twenty-one songs about a moody, crazy clown, which popularized sprechstimme, or speech-song.
ANSWER: Pierrot Lunaire (Also accept: Moonstruck or Lunar Pierrot)
11. It begins “Glorified and sanctified be God's great name throughout the world which He has created according to His will.” Originally sung at the conclusion of a study session or a sermon and often used to close the individual sections of a service, it has long been associated with the coming of the Messiah, when the dead will be resurrected, and has therefore been used since medieval times in mourning. FTP, name this Aramaic Jewish prayer for the dead.
ANSWER: mourners' kaddish (Also accept: hatze kaddish)
12. This team began, with coach Buck Shaw, in the AAFC in 1946, and survived that league’s merger with the NFL three years later. They didn’t win a single NFC championship game their entire stay at Kezar Stadium, which ended in 1970, but they went to Super Bowl XVI after Dwight Clark’s spectacular catch in the 1981 NFC Championship Game against the Cowboys. FTP, name this NFL team, which won Super Bowls XVI, XIX, XXIII, and XXIV with the help of Joe Montana.
ANSWER: San Francisco 49ers (accept either)
13. The preface derides established theories as "obscure and intuition-bound notions" which "fail to be useful" means of exposing inadequacies in linguistic data. The book's "rigorous statement" of its proposed theory continues in chapters describing "Limitations of Phrase Structure Description" and "Some Transformations in English." FTP, name this 1957 book that introduced the concept of transformational grammar, the most

famous work of Noam Chomsky.

ANSWER: Syntactic Structures
14. His pen name was derived from the name of his family cat, and he was the editor of a humor magazine called The Rolling Stone. His story “Whistling Dick’s Christmas Stocking” was published in McClure’s while he was in prison for embezzlement, a charge which had earlier led him to flee to Honduras. But he is best known for such collections as Cabbages and Kings and The Four Million. FTP, who is this author famous for short stories like "The Ransom of Red Chief"?
ANSWER: William Sidney Porter or O. Henry
15. Its leader is Susanne Riess-Passer, the country’s current vice chancellor, and it was founded in 1956 by an anticlerical activist named Anton Reinthaller. Long known for its opposition to the “red-black” coalition of socialists and clericals, it became the country’s second-largest political party in 1999 despite its then-leader’s widely publicized comments equating African immigrants with drug dealers and praising the employment policies of the Third Reich. For 10 points––name this far-right Austrian political party whose best-known member is the governor of Carinthia, Jörg Haider.
ANSWER: Freedom Party of Austria (Freiheitlichen Partei Österreichs or FPÖ)
16. Charles Darwin accepted this phenomenon, but believed that it was accidental and not, therefore, evidence of natural selection. Named for a nineteenth–century English biologist who studied Central American butterflies, it has also been observed in kingsnakes, as well as in the Monarch and Viceroy butterflies. For ten points––what is this biological phenomenon in which palatable species look like unpalatable or dangerous ones to avoid predators?
ANSWER: Batesian mimicry
17. Hans Holbein the Younger liked this book so much that he decorated his copy with illustrations that are reproduced in many modern editions. It was dedicated to Sir Thomas More, who had helped its author translate the works of Lucan, and it propounds the author’s “philosophy of Christ” while portraying the title phenomenon as a woman whose madness leads to happiness. For 10 points––name this 1509 satire by Desiderius Erasmus.
ANSWER: The Praise of Folly or Encomium Moriae
18. They are often associated with famous historical events, such as the Kennedy assassination. They are generally quite detailed, although not necessarily completely accurate, and are brought about by strong emotional responses. The amygdala and other brain systems that are involved in arousal and emotional response are thought to be important for their formation. Some psychologists believe that these memories are never forgotten, but others have questioned that theory. FTP, what is this psychological term 1. given to memories that provide vivid mental snapshots of an event?
ANSWER: flashbulb memory
19. Each head of a family received one-quarter of a section, while single adults and orphan children were given an eighth of a section apiece. It was supported both by unscrupulous speculators and by well-intentioned reformers who believed that individual land grants would transform nomadic tribespeople into farmers. FTP, name this 1887 act which allowed Indians to become American citizens, but ultimately destroyed traditional tribal government and decreased the size of most reservations.
ANSWER: Dawes Act (Also accept: Dawes Severality Act or Dawes General Allotment Act)
20. Its name is derived from the Guarano words for “a place to paddle.” Its chief tributary is the Apure, and it is divided into an upper and a lower course by the cataracts at Ature and Maipures. Rising in the Sierra Parima Mountains, it forms a 1700-mile arc from the Guiana Highlands through the llanos and along part of the border with Colombia before forming a delta as it enters the Atlantic Ocean. For 10 points––name this Venezuelan river.
ANSWER: Orinoco River
OT 1. The untrained Manchester yeomanry needed help dispersing the crowd, which was charged by the 15th Hussars and the Cheshire volunteers, angering the radicals’ leader, Henry Hunt. Roughly 60,000 of Hunt’s followers had gathered to call for the repeal of the corn laws, and when it was over, 11 were dead and 400 were wounded. For 10 points––name this August 1819 massacre of a crowd gathering in Manchester’s St. Peter’s Fields.
ANSWER: Peterloo massacre
OT 2. This phylum is physically similar to the cnidarian medusae. They are almost all very small, though the Venuss girdle can grow to be one meter long and 5 cm wide. All members are completely confined to marine habitats, and almost all live in the surface waters of oceans and near shores, and the phylum derives its name from the series of vertical cilia on the animals surface. FTP, name this phylum of invertebrates, also

known as comb jellies, which include sea walnuts, sea gooseberries, and cats eyes.

ANSWER: Ctenophora (accept comb jellies before they are mentioned)
OT 3. The transition from two-color to multi-color painting was made in the 1760's by Okumura Masanobu. Depicting the leisure life of Edo during the Tokugawa era, popular subjects were theaters, kabuki actors, restaurants, geisha, and tea houses. Called ukiyo-e in Japanese, FTP, name this important genre of Japanese art of urban life, named for the euphemism for Edo's pleasure quarters.
ANSWER: Pictures of the Floating World (accept ukiyo-e before mentioned in question)
1. . Identify the following related to a famous sociologist for 10 points each:
A. This sociologist never undertook fieldwork, but in forming his own theses drew heavily on the work of others who studied primitive tribes. His 1897 work "Suicide" argued that the individual decision to commit suicide was tied to social forces.
ANSWER: Emile Durkheim
B. This work, Durkheim's doctoral thesis, claimed that increased technology and mechanization alienated workers and threatened social structures. He viewed the development of the title phenomenon as similar to the evolution of a biological organism, a metaphor that reappeared in later works.
ANSWER: The Division of Labor in Society (Also accept: De la division du travail social or reasonable equivalents)
C. In this 1915 book, Durkheim applied sociological ideas to epistemology, arguing that cognitive categories could be shaped by social structure. The work includes detailed descriptions of Australian tribal rituals and beliefs.
ANSWER: The Elementary Forms of Religious Life (Also accept: Les Formes elementaire de la vie religieuse or reasonable equivalents)
2. Answer these questions about physics, for ten points each:
A. The Hamiltonian for this theory includes terms that are the anticommutators of operators not present in the standard model. This theory predicts new particles, differing from the known ones in spin by one half.
ANSWER: supersymmetry (Also accept: SUSY)
B. This new quantum number in supersymmetric theories is +1 for normal particles and -1 for supersymmetric particles.
ANSWER: R parity (prompt on “R” but not on “parity”)
C. The DAMA group, searching for dark matter, claimed to have detected this supersymmetric particle, a mixture of the photino, zino, and neutral Higgsinos, although the CDMS group has conflicting results.
ANSWER: neutralino
3. Name these works by David Foster Wallace for 10 points apiece:
A. This novel, Wallace’s first book, was published in 1987, when he was only 25. It features the characters Candy Mandible and Judith Prietht.
ANSWER: Broom of the System
B. This mammoth novel is Wallace’s best-known work, and centers on a tennis academy and a halfway house for substance abusers. The title refers to a movie so hilarious that those who watch it turn into zombies.
ANSWER: Infinite Jest
C. The title essay of this nonfiction collection is about Wallace’s experience on a 7-day Caribbean cruise.
ANSWER: A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again

4. Answer these questions about The Last of the Mohicans for 10 points each:

A. This son of Chingachgook is the last of the Mohican tribe
B. Leatherstocking, or Natty Bumppo, appears in The Last of the Mohicans under this name.
ANSWER: Hawkeye
C. This is the surname of the two sisters being escorted by Duncan Heyward from Fort Edward to Fort Henry as the novel opens.
5. Answer these questions about the Mahabharata, 5-10-15:
[5] This avatar of Vishnu is featured in the Mahabharata; he is a close friend of the Pandava brother Prince Arjuna and is eventually killed by a hunter who thought he was a deer.
ANSWER: Krishna
[10] This Song of the Lord is contained within the Mahabharata, and consists of a dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna.
ANSWER: Bhagavad-gita
[15] This woman, though won by Arjuna in an archery contest, becomes the wife of all the Pandava brothers after their mother inadvertently tells them to share her.
ANSWER: Draupadi
6. Identify these Henri Rousseau paintings for 10 points each. (Please give their titles in English.)
A. A spoonbill listens to a woman play a flute as the moon rises over a jungle river.
ANSWER: The Snake Charmer
B. A lion licks a dark woman asleep by a body of water. A mandolin is at her side.
ANSWER: The Sleeping Gypsy
C. Animals peer out of a flower-filled jungle at a reclining nude woman on a plush Victorian sofa.
ANSWER: Yadivigha's Dream (Accept: The Dream)
7. How well do you know the farther-flung branches of the Kennedy clan? Answer these questions for 10 points each:
A. In what state is Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, a daughter of RFK, considering a run for governor, and Mark Shriver, a son of Sargent Shriver and Eunice Kennedy, considering a campaign for Congress?
ANSWER: Maryland
B. What son of RFK and namesake of a Vietnam-era general was expected to run for Congress to replace Joe Moakley in Massachusetts?
ANSWER: Matthew Maxwell Taylor Kennedy
C. What actor husband of Maria Shriver is said to be considering a run for governor of California as a Republican?
ANSWER: Arnold Schwarzenegger
8. Given members, name the French dynasty for 10 points:
A. Charles V the Wise, Charles VI the Beloved, Charles VII the Victorious, and Charles VIII the Affable
ANSWER: Valois
B. Philip II Augustus, Philip III the Hardy, Philip IV the Fair, Philip V the Tall
ANSWER: Capetian

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