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1.7 - Preconditions

Preconditions to study at the Academy for Counselling and Coaching:

  • Anyone who has filled out the registrationform truthfully, has been approved and has paid the fees according to the agreement, may take part in the trainingdays.

  • Traininggroups may be fully booked even before training starts, so we reserve places according to registration and payment received - check the website or mail / call us to make sure there are still places available.

  • Some people may start at Level 2 provided they can show proof of having mastered the material of Level 1 thoroughly and comprehensively - diplomas, certificates, references, exam results, essays, adequate proof of that is required.

  • The Ethical / Professional Code for counsellors and coaches is binding at all times.

  • The Good Feedback rules apply at all times.

  • If / when you cannot attend training because of serious illness or emergency, you need to inform your trainer, in advance if at all possible.

  • Having an open mind, genuine interest in others, adhering to humanistic principles, being creative, independent, self-steering and persevering are all necessary elements for completing the courses.

There is no obligation, but we would like for you to obtain the diploma. We strive for 100% student satisfaction and so we wish for each person to obtain their diploma. It does not matter that one person takes longer than another.

If you want to stop eventually, please contact your trainer in advance to help you check out if that really is what seems to be best and in order to have the best possible closure. Most often problems and obstacles can be solved! To stop without informing anyone or to just drop out is not a very good option. Even if you have a complaint or a grievance, it would be better to express that than not to let anybody know. Trainers and others involved are generally all very willing to learn, even from their (alleged) mistakes.
There can be no restitution after stopping or interrupting a course. If students want to resume the course at a later date, they would be asked to pay the full amount of trainingpart fees again before they could join a new group. Switching from one group to another is normally not an option.
You will obtain the diploma for Level 2 once you have met all criteria for Level 2 and have received the diploma for Level 1 (or have been granted exemption for that, as mentioned above).

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