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1.5 - Essay and oral exam

The essay should run at least 40 pages and it must contain:

  • your own learning goals and actionplan for Level 2 (and beyond)

  • overview of the total of clienthours or hours of counselling or coaching accumulated, including all required proofs or certificates (that do not count as pages) or of your activities as mentor or as co-trainer

  • referencelist of all studied and consulted books, media, journals, internet links

  • report on your practice experience, in general counselling / coaching or preferably in your chosen specialisation (10 pages or more)

  • report on your inner growth during the trainingperiod of Level 2 (10 pages or more)

  • evaluation / certificate from (your supervisor and) your intervisiongroup regarding your counselling or coaching work

  • a schematic and comprehensive description of the knowledge you have gained regarding your specialisation (20 pages or more).

Fill in the Attachment Level 2. You can download if from our website (downloads).

Send your Essay together with this Attachment to the Exam Committee:

When both are approved you get an invitation for an oral exam by Skype / Webcam / Telephone.
Finally, to obtain the Diploma for Level 2 as Specialist Counsellor or Coach, it is necessary to pass the oral exam based on your specialisation and your essay.

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