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1.4 - Personal growth

By answering some or all of the following questions, you may get the basis for the essay part on Inner growth:

  • What was your startingpoint at the beginning of Level 1?

  • How would you summarise your inner growth process of Level 1?

  • What does an inventory of your inner growth process look like at this stage?

  • Can you imagine, starting from now, another cycle in the same or in a different direction?

  • Do you choose for depth or for broadening of your skills, knowledge, techniques or methods?

Write an essay, just like you did for Level 1 or in a completely different style or manner. Give your creativity, inspiration and motivation complete freedom.
What may be in your essay regarding Inner growth:

  1. Your point of departure: How am I now? What is my current position? Where am I?

  2. What direction you choose: What do I want to be? Where will I be in a year's time?

  3. How you arrived at that choice: Why / how did I choose that?

  4. What made you choose that direction: Why do I want to develop in that way?

  5. Summary of your specialisation: What are its methods / theory / basic attitude / beliefs?

  6. Actionplan: What do I do / when? - Time schedule, Planning, Logistics, etcetera.

  7. My journey: Report on my development during the study / practice time for Level 2.

  8. Achieved so far: Making up the balance, profit or loss, (un)answered expectations?

  9. How to proceed: New cycle? Continuing in this manner?

  10. Other topics or issues that are relevant for you.

  11. Literature, media, internet links.

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