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1.1 - Specialisation

After attending the trainingdays for Level 1 Counselling & Coaching you may decide to specialise in any particular topic or direction. It is important to broaden your knowledge and to gain work experience in your chosen specialisation. By joining the Level 2 Diploma Course you can gain further essential professional knowledge and skills.

Your clientwork will be presented in intervision sessions that form an integral part of the Level 2 training. The trainer will act as facilitator and participants take turns bringing in casematerial for intervision, so all gain a thorough knowledge of how an intervision group can work together optimally. After completing Level 2 it will be possible to form effective intervision groups with colleagues on your own and to work as reflective practitioner.
You may select from a wide variety of specialisations:

  1. Stress (prevention) counselling or coaching

  2. Career counselling or coaching

  3. Child, Youth, Adolescent, School counselling or coaching

  4. Couple counselling or coaching (possibly including Sexuality and intimacy)

  5. Conflict management or mediation

  6. Corporate counselling or coaching

  7. Healthcare / medical counselling or coaching

  8. Counselling or coaching elderly people (and / or their relatives)

  9. Integrative (or eclectic) counselling or coaching

  10. Grief and Loss counselling or coaching

  11. Victim Support counselling or coaching

  12. Multicultural counselling or coaching

  13. Weight / Health counselling or coaching

  14. Spiritual counselling or coaching

  15. Philosophical or Existential counselling or coaching

  16. Executive counselling or coaching

  17. Solution-focused counselling or coaching (or Brief solution-focused)

  18. Strategic counselling or coaching

  19. Telephone / Online counselling or coaching

  20. Financial coaching / Budgetting coach

  21. Nature / natural counselling or coaching.

There are likely to be even more possibilities. It may be difficult to choose, especially in the beginning. You can select a specialisation before starting Level 2, or you may start it without a specific specialisation in mind. What suits / fits you best is likely to become clearer as you go along if you keep asking yourself: What it is I really want to do? What has my passion? What really fits with me? What do I have experience in? What possibilities are there? What is in demand?

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