Post-graduate training objectives

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D. Attitudes
(1) Appropriate therapist confidence and preparedness to conduct group psychotherapy
E. Enabling Objectives
(1) Seminar series participation for a minimum of 20 hours.

(2) Clinical leadership or co-leadership of more than one psychotherapy group for a minimum of 60 hours. This is ideally met by the resident leading or co-leading a long-term, heterogenous group for a minimum of 40 weeks, weekly for at least 90 minutes, with a minimum of six patients.

(3) An additional group experience of shorter duration that may be homogenous.

(4) A separate, inpatient group therapy experience is recommended, if it has not been acquired in earlier training.

(5) Supervision should be for a minimum of 40 hours of weekly meetings. Of this 40 hours, at least 20 hours should be in a dyadic or triadic format, with the remainder in a dyadic, triadic or group format. Supervision entails a regular meeting at an established frequency between the group therapy supervisor and the group therapy trainee(s).

(6) Supervision should involve direct observation at regular intervals either directly or through audio-video recordings, where possible.

(7) Residents should have an opportunity to observe experienced group therapists doing group therapy for a minimum of 6 hours.

(8) Seminar leaders and group therapy supervisors must be approved by the Group Psychotherapy Subcommittee.

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