Post-graduate training objectives

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Diabetes Groups:
1. Gilden, J.L., Hendryx, M.S. et al. (1992). Diabetes support groups improve health care of older diabetic patients. Journal of American Geriatrics Society 40: 147-150.

2. Simmons, D. (1992). Diabetes self help facilitated by local diabetes research: The Coventry Asian Diabetes Support Group. Diabetic Medicine 9: 866-869.

Caregiver Groups:
1. Toseland, R.W., Rossiter, C.M., Labrecque, M.S. (1989). The effectiveness of two kinds of support groups for caregivers. Social Service Review September: 415-432.
Groups For Elderly People:
1. Lieberman, M.A., Bliwise, N.G. (1985). Comparisons among peer and professionally directed groups for the elderly: Implications for the development of self-help groups. International Journal of Group Psychotherapy 35(2): 155-175.
Chronic Illnesses:
1. Becu, M., Becu, N., Manzur, G, Kochen, S. (1993). Self-help epilepsy groups: An evaluation of effect on depression and schizophrenia. Epilepsia 34(5): 841-845.

2. Nash, K.B., Kramer, K.D. (1993). Self-help for Sickle Cell Disease in African American communities. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 29(2): 202-215.

3. Sibthorpe, B., Fleming, D. et al. (1994). Self-help groups: A key to HIV risk reduction for high-risk injection drug users? Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 7(6) 592-598.

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