Post-graduate training objectives

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Group Training Objectives


Drs. Molyn Leszcz, Phil Maerov, Shari Kirsh, Leo Murphy

The following standards for training in group psychotherapy delineate guidelines for minimum expectations for training in the modality of group therapy. It is not expected that residents will necessarily be able to fulfil these requirements as they rotate through different clinical settings during the course of their residency. In general, comprehensive training involves a mix of clinical work, supervision, theory, observation of group work and experiential learning in a group format. The intention is to provide training in psychodynamic/interpersonally based models of group therapy. Competence using this model is necessary to conduct many types of groups, as the psychodynamic/interpersonal model offers instruction in the fundamental principles of group psychotherapy. Exposure to other models of group therapy is also encouraged, notably cognitive and behavioral groups.

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