Positive Psychology Spring 2016 University of Texas of the Permian Basin

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Positive Psychology

Spring 2016

University of Texas of the Permian Basin

What is important about studying positive psychology?

Instructor: Diana Younger – Office MB3120

Phone 552.2351 – younger_d@utpb.edu

Course Objectives: Positive Psychology examines human behavior that allows for success in life, that empowers performance and that demonstrates resilience in the face of the adversities of life. Its view is different from the view psychology has had of problem behavior and how to change it. Rather, it seeks to find out what makes individuals flourish under both positive and negative circumstances.
Texts: Snyder, C. R. and Lopez, Shane J. (2011) Positive Psychology: the scientific and practical explorations of human strengths. 2nd Edition, Sage Publishers.

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