Portfolio as a tool for academic education and professional development: problems and challenges

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5. Discussion

5.1. Conclusions

Based on the empirical study the researchers drew six conclusions:

  1. In terms of substance the portfolio’s status and position and the reduction of academic education to a situation whereby skills are trained require a good deal of attention. Facilitating the development of skills is another recognised problem.

  2. The benefits and necessity of explicit attention to academic education in practice are broadly subscribed to.

  3. In professional terms, teachers should pay more attention to stimulating reflection on the part of students and guiding their academic development. “Educational management” also needs improvement.

  4. The reliability of portfolio assessments is (still?) not regarded as a problem by many.

  5. In practical terms, the lack of clear assessment criteria and assignment (or non-assignment) of credits appear to be undeniable problems.

  6. Problems such as the usefulness of previously assessed products, technical aspects and the field of tension between ownership and educational requirements are viewed by most as less significant problems.

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