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Famous Psychologist Name _________________________________

Reading Assignment

Sigmund Freud
Directions: Access the article on Sigmund Freud from Simply Psychology (either from direct url or through my webpage) and answer the questions below. Please answer the questions on a separate piece of paper.
Sigmund Freud Article (

Part I – Introduction
1. What are some of Freud’s contributions to the field of psychology?

2. What are some words Freud has added to our vocabulary?

Case of Anna O
3. What was the diagnosis of Freud’s first case study, Anna O?
4. What conclusions did Freud make in the case study? How did it further his study of psychology?
Unconscious Mind
5. Briefly explain Freud’s analogy of our minds and an iceberg.
The Psyche
6. What are the three components of the mind proposed by Freud?

7. Contrast Eros from Thanatos. What impact does it have on our psyche?

Defense Mechanisms
8. List the defense mechanisms
9. Provide your own example of TWO of these defense mechanisms.

Psychosexual Stages
10. List the Five Stages of Freud’s psychosexual development. What are fixations? Give an example of a fixation from the oral and anal stages.
Dream Analysis
11. How did Freud use dreams to help his patients?
12. What is the difference between manifest content and latent content?
13. Briefly explain how dream analysis works.

Freud’s Followers
14. What organizations were formed around the theories of Freud?
Critical Evaluation
15. What are some criticisms of Freud and his research? How should Freud be regarded today?

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