Plagiarism constitutes the majority of academic ethics violations

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Student Handbook on Referencing Page 7 Our diverse and multicultural faculty and student body offer a rich learning environment that allows our students to learn public health concepts from a global perspective. Interaction and feedback between and among students and faculty members is encouraged both inside and outside of the classroom.
Can I receive assistance with my
When completing specific academic assignments, however, you should exercise caution and awareness when seeking assistance from others.
Unless your
instructor has indicated otherwise, all class
assignments, including homework assignments and
take-home exams, are to be done individually.
This usually encompasses all phases of completing the assignment, including brainstorming ideas, developing your argument, writing drafts, and your final work product. Requesting others to contribute to this process without approval by the instructor may lead to charges of cheating.
Allowing others to
edit your work, even if they are providing minor
editing for grammatical and spelling errors, is
prohibited without specific instructor approval. Faculty are aware that English is a second language for many students, and base their evaluation of academic work on the content of the material rather than on grammar and spelling. There area several university resources for international students and others who would like to improve their writing skills. The Welch Center has classes on writing. Information about times can be found at
Additional writing classes are available through the School and through the Professional Development Office
Resources on citation and writing can be found at the end of this handbook. In addition, there are several plagiarism detection software programs that can serve as a tool to prevent plagiarism. If you are unsure if you have referenced appropriately, you can run your work through one of these programs. The University of Maryland offers a free plagiarism detection program on their website

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