Plagiarism constitutes the majority of academic ethics violations

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Student Handbook on Referencing Page 5
What are some commonly used citation styles
While the APA is primarily geared toward writing for publication purposes, the Chicago style was adapted for use by student researchers by Kate Turabian. See Turabian, Kate Li A Manual for Writers of
Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. Revised by Booth, Wayne, Gregory Columb, and Joseph Williams. 7th ed. Chicago University of Chicago Press, 2007.) The Resources section at the end of this handbook has information on other styles. If you are unsure whether a citation style is acceptable, you should check with your professor. Two citation styles which students commonly use are
APA (American Psychological Association) Style
Chicago Style and

Page 6 Student Handbook on Referencing
Tools to Make Referencing Easier
Following the proper rules of citation can be tedious and time- consuming. Fortunately, there are tools available to make referencing less burdensome. Three of the most popular programs available to help manage references are Endnote, Reference Manager, and RefWorks. The Johns Hopkins University has obtained a license to allow students to use RefWorks, and free instruction on how to use the program is available at the Welch Library. For more information, visit
Microsoft Word makes citation easier through the Citations and Bibliography section of the References tab. Formatting assistance for several citation styles, including APA and Chicago, is available. For specific help on how to create a bibliography in Word, seethe Microsoft office help site. bibliography-HA010368774.aspx?CTT=1

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