Parent and community engagement framework

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Parent and community engagement framework

Parents1 and the broader community play a vital role in supporting successful learning outcomes for our children. This framework is about schools engaging with parents and communities to work together to maximise student learning outcomes.

The research tells us that the most meaningful partnerships are those where schools, parents, students and the community work together to focus on student learning. Parent and community engagement that is effectively focused on student learning can deliver powerful outcomes.

This Parent and Community Engagement Framework identifies what schools can do to strengthen learning outcomes for students – through effective partnerships between principals, teachers, students, parents and the community. It sends a call to action to our schools to focus on parent and community engagement as a key part of supporting student learning.

Many of our schools have already developed effective strategies to engage with parents and community, however with the overwhelming evidence that parent engagement has a positive effect on student achievement, all state schools are encouraged to strengthen their approaches in this area.

Queensland has a diverse range of communities and it is important to acknowledge that each school has its own contexts to which they respond. A range of contexts apply including remote locations, high proportions of working parents, high proportions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, recent disasters and other community events. For this reason, it is essential that schools individualise their engagement strategies to suit their particular needs and those of their parents and communities.

This framework uses current best practice to provide a model to support all partners in their quest to boost parent and community engagement.

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