Paper Option #1 – Life Story Interview Psychology 461: Personality (Naumann)

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Paper Option #1 – Life Story Interview Psychology 461: Personality (Naumann)

You will interview someone that you know well (e.g., family member, significant other, best friend) using Dan McAdams’ Life Story Interview and then write up your interviewee’s life story, imparting your analysis of the person’s personality based on personality theories that you’ve learned in class.

Part 1: The Life Story Interview

You should set aside at least two hours to complete the interview with your partner (see below for interview guidelines). In addition to taking notes, consider recording the interview so that you may refer back to it.

Due to the intimate nature of the interview topics, your interviewee may not feel comfortable answering certain questions and should not be pressured to respond. Furthermore, as an interviewer, you should refrain from commenting on the interviewee’s answers except for those responses that require active listening and empathy.

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