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Web addresses (URL - Uniform Resource Locator)

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Web addresses (URL - Uniform Resource Locator)

Provide the full URL for the site.

If you are accessing information via a Library database, give the name of the database not the URL.
As URLs often change, e.g. when a site is restructured, you need to provide sufficient information such as title and author for the reader to locate the document on the site.
Enclose the URL in angle brackets

e.g. . followed by a full stop.
It is important to use the URL prefix to identify type of access involved e.g. http:// ftp:// gopher://
General rules for in-text referencing where the name(s) of the authors are given

For books, journals, websites, conference papers and newspapers, the general rule is to use the family name and the date.

Table 1

Referencing style – types of author

In-text reference

One author

Family name

Year of publication

Kumar (2007) argued that…

...(Kumar 2007).

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