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Examples of the language used in the different sections of a report

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Examples of the language used in the different sections of a report

Reasons for the report

This report was commissioned as a result of ongoing concerns about..

The report sets out to examine the reasons for …

This report investigated..


This report aims to explore the options available...

The main objectives of the report are to examine the reasons …

This report examines the relationship between …


In order to review current procedures …

Staff members were asked to complete an on-line questionnaire…


The investigation clearly showed that …

Initial findings suggest that ….


Analysis of the data showed that …

The following conclusion can be drawn from the investigation …


It is recommended that …

Because of the …, it is suggested that the following actions be considered.

Do NOT use informal language. Note the way impersonal and passive language has been used in Table 19.

Table 19

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