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Numbering system

You need to use a consistent numbering system to identify the different sections of a report. It is recommended that you use the decimal system as shown in the example below.


1.1 Staff

1.1.1 Recruitment

1.1.2 Training

1.1.3 Salary

1.1.4 Promotion

1.2 Equipment

1.2.1 Costing and budgeting

1.2.2 Ordering

1.2.3 Repair and maintenance

1.3 Inventory

1.3.1 Raw materials

1.3.2 Component parts

1.3.3 Inventory management

1.4 Output

1.4.1 Work in progress

1.4.2 Finished goods


2.1 Staff

2.1.1 Recruitment …
All numbered sections and headings must all be included in the Table of Contents and must match with the respective page numbers. This ensures that the reader can access information easily.
Remember each page of your report must also be numbered.
Style of language

Reports are intended to be read easily and to provide quick access to information. You are writing about facts or relevant pieces of information. Therefore the style of language is simple and direct.
Sentences should not be complicated - state the point you are making clearly and directly.
A report is written in an objective and impersonal manner as it is presenting facts. Unless you have been asked for your personal opinion you should not be using personal pronouns such as ’you’,’ we’ and ‘I’. Do not offer your own personal point of view.
Language needs to be formal. Do not use abbreviations or slang or SMS.

Table 18

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