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Paraphrasing, Synthesising and Direct Quotations

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Paraphrasing, Synthesising and Direct Quotations

When you write your essay, you will need to use techniques such as paraphrasing and synthesising.
Paraphrasing is expressing in your own words the ideas of another writer.
Synthesising is the ability to express in your own words the similarities or differences in the ideas of a number of authors.
You must always acknowledge the sources for your ideas even when you use your own words. For more information on how to paraphrase and synthesise go to <>.
For more information on how to reference when paraphrasing go to <>.

Direct quotations are when you use the exact words of the author/source.
You may use direct quotation in your assessment tasks, but these should be kept to a minimum.
Whenever quoting from any source you must correctly reference the work. For further information on how to reference direct quotes, go to <>.
For more information on direct quotes, go to <>.

Note: Do NOT just cut and paste information from sources! To just use the words of an author does not demonstrate your understanding or ability to create a logical argument. The quality of your work will be better if you paraphrase and synthesis your research, as this will show that you are able to interpret and critically analyse what you have read in relation to the topic.

Step 10 Writing the first draft

Using the detailed plan you have now developed, set aside a block of time to write the first draft of your essay. Aim to write the whole essay in the time you have set aside as this will give your work a clear flow. Do not be concerned at this stage with correct grammar, spelling, referencing as this will be done at the editing stage.
Once you have written this first draft it will be much easier to see where evidence is lacking, and where information could be more logically re-organised.
As you will probably need to write several drafts before the essay is ready for submission, make sure you have allowed sufficient time to do this.
Consider the items below to ensure your essay is a well written and well constructed piece of writing.
Table 15

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