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Conversely Robbins et al. (1994, p. 241) put forward the idea that

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Conversely Robbins et al. (1994, p. 241) put forward the idea that ‘motivation is a set of processes that stimulate, direct and maintain human behaviour towards attaining a goal’

In other words ‘motivation’ is a complex concept, which encompasses a variety of competing theories. There are many reasons why people behave differently in the workplace, but it is because these differences exist that managements pay attention to the theories, which provide them with frameworks for problem solving.

3.3 How to avoid plagiarism

Use this checklist to ensure you avoid accusations of plagiarism:

Table 12

How to avoid accusations of plagiarism

DO NOT directly copy phrases and / or passages (transcribe) without a reference and / or quotation marks

DO NOT paraphrase other writers’ work in your written work without citing references.

DO NOT make a direct reference to an author or authors you have not read, even if you may have read about them.

(While the use of secondary sources is not encouraged, if the primary publication is out of print or difficult to obtain, you should cite the secondary source you have actually read rather than the original that you have not read.)

DO NOT copy another person’s work, in part or in whole, or allow someone else to copy part or all of work you have completed.

DO NOT write your work in conjunction with other students without prior permission. (Except in group assignments where wider consultation is expected, you should only meet with other students initially to discuss the essay topic and/or analyse the question.)

DO NOT submit written work already submitted for assessment in any other course.

Examples based on information available on RMIT Library referencing section.

Further information is available online from the Study and Learning Centre.
4. Essay writing

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