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Document on a web site

Author(s) /editor(s)

Year of document,

Title of document – in italics

name of the sponsor of the source date of viewing


If a document is available as a PDF (page image) file, this is often easier to cite as it is closer to a printed format. It also allows you to specify particular page numbers

Australian National Audit Office 2005, The management and processing of leave, viewed 2 December 2005,

Telstra n.d., Audit governance and financial reporting, Telstra, viewed 1 December 2005.


Many government departments do not manage their employees’ leave within the terms of their Enterprise Agreements (Australian National Audit Office 2005, p. 10).

The Australian National Audit Office reports that many government departments do not manage their employees’ leave within the terms of their Enterprise Agreements (2005, p. 10).

Although the Telstra Act makes the Auditor-General of Australia responsible for auditing Telstra, certain functions are carried out by an agent (Telstra n.d.).

Company or industry information on a website or database

If this information is sourced from a library database it is better to include the database name rather than the URL

IBISWorld 2005, Wine Manufacturing in Australia (C2183), IBISWorld Pty Ltd, viewed 28 November 2005, .

Datamonitor 2005, Westfield Group (Australia): company profile, Datamonitor, viewed 23 January 2006, Business Searching Interface (EBSCO) database.

Although the domestic wine market is expected to be stagnant from 2006-2010, wine exports will continue to grow, although at a lower rate than previously (IBISWorld 2005).

The Westfield Group has interests in 129 shopping centres in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and USA (Datamonitor 2005).

Wiki entry

As wikis are a collaborative source, usually there is no named author.

‘Title of article’


Title, - in italics


viewed day month year, .

‘The exponential power of connectedness’ 2007, Connectedintelligence, wiki article, viewed 11 November 2007,


In (Connectedintelligence 2007) …

Table 4b

Reference type

Reference list

In-text citation

Weblog site

Author(s) of weblog – Family name(s) and initial(s)

Weblog name,
viewed day month year, .
Weblog post

Author(s) - family name(s) and initial(s)


‘Title of post’,

Weblog name, in italics


date of posting day month, viewed day month year, .

Webber. S & Boon, S 2006, Information literacy weblog, weblog, viewed 10 January 2008, .

Webber. S 2008, ‘Events from CILIP’, Information literacy weblog, weblog post, 9 January, viewed 11 January 2008, .

(Webber & Boon 2006).

Webber (2008) posted the following information...

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