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Online conference papers

Author(s) – family/surname(s) and initial(s)

Year of publication

'Title of paper’ - in single inverted commas

Editor (if applicable)

Title of published conference proceedings, including place held and date(s) – in italics


Place of publication

viewed day month year

database name or .


The initials of the editors go in front of the family name(s)

Jakubowicz, A. 2002, 'Race vilification and communal leadership', in W. Jonas (ed.), Beyond Tolerance: National Conference on Racism, Sydney, 12-13 March 2002, Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission, Sydney, viewed 17 June 2002, .

Jakubowicz (2002) argued that…

… (Jakubowicz 2002).

Unpublished conference papers or presentations

Author(s) Family name(s), Initial(s)

Year of publication

‘Title of paper’ – use single inverted commas

Paper presented to

Title of conference/forum

Location of conference/forum

Date of conference/forum


Pannan, L, van der Craats, C & McGovern, J 2002, 'Multi-level stepwise approach to engaging all academic staff in on-line delivery', paper presented to 2nd RMIT Teaching and Learning Forum, Melbourne, 24 October 2002.

Pannam, van der Craats and McGovern (2002) described ...

... (Pannam, van der Craats & McGovern 2002).


Author – family/surname and initials Year of preparation of thesis

‘Title of thesis’ in single inverted commas



Baxter, JS 2001, 'Rural land use and value in Northern Victoria 1880-1960', PhD thesis, RMIT University.

Baxter (2001) investigated…..

…(Baxter 2001).

Table 4a

Reference type

Reference list

In-text citation

Theses online

Author – family/surname and initials

Year of preparation of thesis,

‘Title of thesis’,

Award, Institution,

viewed day month year,

or .

Khanh, VL 2006. ‘Customer Loyalty in Web-based Retailing’, PhD thesis, RMIT University, 14 November 2007, .

Khanh (2006) explored...

...(Khanh 2006).

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