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Newspaper articles

Author(s) – family name(s) and initial(s),

Year of publication,

'Title of article’ - in single inverted commas

Newspaper name – in italics,

day month,

page number(s): p. or pp.

Kemp, S 2003 ‘Leak pushes AMP to record low’, The Age, 7 August, p. 1 (Business section).

Kemp (2003) reported that ...

...(Kemp 2003).

Note: if the newspaper article does NOT have an author then provide details in in-text citation only, NOT in the reference list or bibliography

Not required.

As stated in The Age (17 August 2007, p. 12) …

...(The Age 17 August 2007, p. 12).

Newspaper articles online

Author(s) – family name(s) and initial(s)

Year of publication

‘Title of article’ - in single inverted commas

Newspaper name – in italics

day month

page number(s) p. or pp.

viewed day month year

or .

See instructions as for journal articles where citing PDF or HTML formats of newspaper articles

Khadem, N 2007, ‘Lid stays on wages growth’, The Age, 15 November, p. 1 (Business section), viewed 16 November 2007, .

Khadem (2007) reported that...

...(Khadem 2007).

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