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MERGA Annual Conference Submissions:

Style and Format Specification for
Short Communications,
Round Table Presentations,
and Posters

Last adapted, 2002

This document is in itself a template. The authors below explain how to use it as a “shell” so that you can format your submission in accordance with MERGA requirements. Abstracts that are not formatted appropriately will be returned to authors and will not be sent to reviewers.

Introduction to Styles and Formats 2

MERGA Publications Style 2

The Most Crucial Elements of APA style 3

Modifications of APA Style for MERGA Usage 3

Formatting Specifications and Instructions 6

Step 1: Writing the abstract 6

Step 2: Initial Editing 6

Step 3: Preparing to Format Your Abstract 6

Step 4: Formatting your Manuscript 7

Step 5: Final Adjustments 7

Submitting Abstracts 8

References 8

MERGA Annual Conference Submissions:
Style and Format Specifications

Michael Mitchelmore

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