Msc Computer Science with specialisation in either Distributed Systems & Multimedia or Software Engineering E526

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MSc Computer Science with specialisation in either Distributed Systems & Multimedia or Software Engineering - E526
1. Introduction
The field of Information Technology has been a continuously expanding one over the last three decades. There are good reasons to believe that it will remain so in the foreseeable future. The major challenges impacting the field throughout the world and also of high interests for Mauritius are:

  1. Information Systems for Business organisations and industry are becoming more sophisticated and involved, resulting in a need to develop in a disciplined way to facilitate reuse of components and optimise on resources involved.

  1. The advent of high-speed computer networks and multimedia-enabled PCs have led to the convergence of the fields of multimedia and distributed systems. This has resulted in a high demand for the development of distributed multimedia applications in various spheres of daily activities.

The requirements of the industry in terms of professionals that can deliver highly specialised services and know-how to meet the above challenges are already being strongly felt and this tendency will grow with the current evolution of the local ICT sector. The MSc Computer Science programme is a taught course that aims at producing specialised professionals to meet the above needs.

Graduates will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to critically address and manage the issues in their subsequent roles as systems or application designers or technical managers.

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