Ms. Pries/ap psychology Chapter 9: The Developing Person Unit Outline

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Ms. Pries/AP Psychology

Chapter 9: The Developing Person Unit Outline

Big Ideas:

  1. Development is a process of growth, change, and consistency brought about by an interaction of heredity and the environment.

  2. Newborns have innate abilities for finding nourishment, interacting with others, and avoiding harmful situations, while the developing abilities of infants and children rely more on learning.

  3. Infants and children face especially important developmental tasks in the areas of cognition and social relationships – tasks that lay a foundation for further growth in adolescence and adulthood.

  4. Adolescence offers new developmental challenges growing out of physical changes, cognitive changes, and socioemotional pressures.

  5. Nature and nurture continue to produce changes throughout life, but in adulthood these changes include both growth and decline.

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