Mother-daughter Plots

Klein – the unconscious Winnicott

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Klein the unconscious

Winnicott –the space between inner psychical reality and outer reality.

worked with the content of fantasy as revealed in the young child’s play

understands the role of fantasy as leading to illusion and a certain structure of play

2. transitional object (potential space) vs. fetish

1) partly the child’s and partly the first ‘not-me’ possession.

2) the first step towards symbolization, and a form of defence against separation from the mother;
3) not yet a symbol, it is rather an as-if object; what is important is not what it stands for, but what it enables to child to do. The transitional object has the ‘specific capacity to change the “given” into the “created”(Polantis qtd in Wright 84).

4) This capacity to play with illusion is what distinguishes this experience from the fixed delusion which may later turn a transitional object into . . . the fetish. (Wright 84)

3. Play therapy: (Mawson)

1. transference: “It is the psychological process, or processes, of transference which enable the analyst to form ideas of what object relations are active in the child in the moment by moment unfolding of the relationship.”

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