Mother-daughter Plots

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D.W. Winnicott

General Questions:

  1. Mirror – its implication to human identity? Mother’s face as mirror. How does Lacan looks at mirror image differently from Winnicott? Do you agree that “an average girl” sees her mother in her image?

  2. How do we define “play” and game? A child’s play and an adult’s?

  3. How is play a paradigm of art and culture in general?

(factors to consider: rules, make-believe, inter-subjectivity—or sharing--, blurring of object boundaries, switching of roles)

  1. Transitional object – how can it take the space between the “inner and outer”?

  2. Alfred Lorenzer and Peter Orban point to “Winnicott’s untenable separation between the self and the outer world before the formation of the transitional objects and transitional phenomena.” They argue for the sequence to be reversed, that transitional objects be seen as steps in the development of a subjective structure. “The inner and outer do not make up this intermediate area: instead they differentiate themselves out of it . . .into transitional objects and phenomena.” (Wright 88)

General Concept:

1. Klein and Winnicott (Ref. E. Wright 84)

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