Moms behind bars: what it means to be a mother in eshowe correctional center

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First, I want to thank the seven women in Eshowe Correctional Facility who had the bravery to meet with me every day for two weeks to share their stories. I will miss you all and I hope that upon my inevitable return to South Africa I will find you in your own homes, reunited with the children you care about so deeply.

I would like to extend my eternal gratitude to Nonceba Lushaba, the most wonderful advisor. Thank you for spending countless hours shepherding me into the prison and painstakingly translating from isiZulu to English and back again. Thank you for setting up interviews and helping me navigate the world of the South African Prison system, something I could not have attempted alone. Without you, I would have been lost.

John Daniel, thank you for encouraging me to pursue an ISP in Eshowe despite my misgivings about living alone for two weeks. Without your support and assurance that it would be worth the loneliness, I would have abandoned my idea and forever regretted my decision.

Richard Aitken and Jane Argall, thank you for inviting me to plunder your extensive library and brains and for introducing me to Sir Henry and the dogs.

To the countless others who helped me along the winding path of ISP, Ntombi Lushaba, Nathi Shadu, Lamo Jama, and Ida Gartell, thank you thank you thank you.

Imraan Buccus, Shola, and Langa, thank you for creating such a fantastic program this semester. From Joburg to Lesotho, this has been a semester I will never forget.

And of course, thank you to the SIT group for the birthday surprise and for making this semester so memorable.

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