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M/J Language Arts 3 Module 2 Study-Guide
Directions: Use this study-guide to help you understand important academic vocabulary. Read the study-guide as you work through the lessons and be sure to answer all of the questions along the way. It’ll help you out on your Discussion-Based Assessment at the end of the Module.

Lesson Number and Title: 2.01 Check Your Sources

In this lesson, you learned to assess the credibility of sources.
Define the following terms:







For a more in-depth explanation for each question, please refer to lesson 2.01 page 4 and explore the interactive.


Read each question. Select the correct choice. After you’ve selected your answer, please explain why you’ve chosen that answer with what you’ve learned from Lesson 2.01.
Question 1:

There is an image of Wikipedia page on Thomas Edison.

Is this source credible?

  • Yes

  • No

Question 2:

There are images of Google results for "What is Thomas Edison known for?" where the first result is a www.answers.com/Edison and the second is www.thomasedison.com.

"Just Google it–you'll get answers fast and the best sources will always be at the top of the results."
Do you agree with this statement?

  • Yes

  • No

  • I Don't Know

Question 3:

There are images of two Edison websites side by side labeled by letters A and B. Image A has the title "Money–The Real Motivation" and has a prominent last updated date of "7-1-2013." Image B has the title "Edison's Life and Inventions" with the prominent last updated date of "May 1999."
Which source is more credible?

  • Website A

  • Website B

Question 4:

There is an image of a teenage girl reading a book in a library.

"If you just stick to using books and magazines in a library, you'll be fine. You can't trust the Internet."
Do you agree with this statement?

  • Yes

  • No

  • I Don't Know

Notes (Select most important ideas, recreate important graphics, create abbreviations and shortcuts you remember, highlight underline or bold important info).

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