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Appendix A



From: Ruth Lowbury

Executive Director

Medical Foundation for AIDS and Sexual Health

Date: 20 August 2003

1.0 Medical Foundation for AIDS & Sexual Health (MedFASH)
1.1 The Medical Foundation for AIDS & Sexual Health (MedFASH), a charity supported by the British Medical Association, aims to promote excellence in the prevention and management of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. We work by informing and advising health professionals, and by briefing policy-makers. We welcome the opportunity to submit evidence to the London Assembly’s Health Committee scrutiny of HIV/AIDS in London.

2.0 Focus of MedFASH evidence

2.1 MedFASH works at national level and has not undertaken projects solely for London. Our evidence to the Committee does not attempt to answer questions of detail about London-specific epidemiology or service provision. Rather, we have selected a few of the scrutiny’s broader questions and drafted responses which are largely informed by our recent project work on standards and networks for HIV services (see below). This is certainly relevant for London.

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