Meeting of the Ethnic Minorities Forum

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Committee on the Promotion of Racial Harmony

Notes of the meeting on 17 February 2017
Home Affairs Department (HAD)
Mr Jack Chan (Chairman) Deputy Director

Mr Howard Yam Assistant Director

Mr KY Cheng Chief Executive Officer

Mr Alfred Shum (Secretary) Senior Executive Officer

Official Members
Mr DC Cheung Principal Assistant Secretary (Constitutional & Mainland Affairs)5, Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau

Ms So Mei Yee, Sandy Acting Principal Information Officer (Local Promotion), Information Services Department

Ms Tang Wing Chi, Queenie Assistant Education Officer (Placement and Support)31, Education Bureau

Mr Chong Heung Yu, John Labour Officer (Employment Services)2, Labour Department

Non-official Members
Mr Dewan Saiful Alam

Mr Mohamed Ibramsa Sikkander Batcha

Mr Brian Chau

Ms Cheung Yee May, Mimi

Mr Kul Prasad Gurung

Dr Sharmila Gurung, MH

Mr Vijay Harilela

Mr Hung Chiu Wah, Derek

Mr Akil Khan

Mr Amirali Bakirali Nasir, MH, JP

Ms Rigam Rai

Ms Bungon Tamasorn

Dr Rizwan Ullah

Mr Yeung Chuen Chow, Thomas

In Attendance
Mr Raymond Ho Senior Equal Opportunities Officer, Ethnic Minorities Unit, Equal Opportunities Commission
For Agenda Item (3)

Ms Rebecca Choi Senior Manager (Course Development), Employees Retraining Board

Ms Helen Young Manager (Course Development), Employees Retraining Board
For Agenda Item (4)

Ms Leung Man Ying, Madelene Senior Inspector of Police (Family Conflict and Sexual Violence Policy Unit)(Crime Wing), Hong Kong Police Force

Absent with apologies
Dr Theresa Cunanan


1.1The Chairman welcomed Members to the meeting.

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