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MISSION STATEMENT - EdD in Counselor Education & Superivsion

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MISSION STATEMENT - EdD in Counselor Education & Superivsion

The field of counselor education and supervision is dedicated to both the academic preparation and comprehensive supervision of counselors across multiple settings. The Doctor of Education (EdD) in Counselor Education & Supervision aligns with the master’s-level Counselor Education programs in order to encourage entry-level counseling students to work toward becoming doctoral-level advanced practitioners, educators, and supervisors. The Ed.D. in Counselor Education & Supervision program prepares counselors for a variety of settings by providing the advanced skills and knowledge necessary to provide leadership and advocacy, as well as serve in supervisory, training, and teaching positions in the counseling profession.

The Ed.D. in Counselor Education & Supervision program is designed to help current practitioners with existing master’s-level preparation to advance their careers. This doctorate provides expanded opportunities to compete in the market place, on par with the growing number of doctoral-level counseling practitioners.

The focus of this seminar is the direct application of theories of group dynamics and group leadership within the therapeutic process. Discussion revolves around the use of groups in facilitating personal growth and resolving emotional and interpersonal difficulties. The seminar examines the developmental stages of group process and the problems inherent in group leadership. The expected student outcome is the ability to practice effective group therapy. Moreover, this seminar also prepares students (counselor-educators-to-be), to train and supervise group leaders in their current and future career settings through the introduction of different training models and assessment tools and procedures.


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