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Regulatory Reform Through Regulatory Impact Analysis: The Canadian Experience

Evaluation, Audit and Review Group
February 1997

© Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada 1997

Published by
Public Affairs Branch
Treasury Board of Canada

This document is available on line via the TBS home page

on Publiservice, the federal government internal network,
at the following address:

This series of evaluations, audit guides, reviews and studies is designed to improve Treasury Board policies and programs.

Titles in this series already published:

1.     Review of Operating Budgets – Delegation Framework

2.     Review of Business Planning in the Government of Canada

3.    Review of the Cost Recovery and User Fee Approval Process

4.    Evaluation of the Policy for the Provision of Services for Employees with Disabilities

5.    Audit of Service to the Public in Official Languages   Phase I – Regions of Toronto     and Halifax

6.    Audit on the Use of Translation Services

7.    Review of the Costs Associated with the Administration of the ATIP Legislation

8.    Evaluation of Telework Pilot Policy – Highlights

9.    Evaluation of Telework Pilot Policy – Findings

10.    Audit of Adherence to Treasury Board Information Technology Standards

11.    Evaluation Framework for Early Departure Programs

12.    Validation Review   Audit Guide and Departmental Monitoring Framework

13.    Measuring Costs Associated With The Security Policy

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