Management of children's dental anxiety

Rationale of delivering psychological interventions to dentally anxious children

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Rationale of delivering psychological interventions to dentally anxious children

Dental anxiety and fear-related behaviours are undoubtedly one of the most challenging aspects of paediatric dentistry . Considering the magnitude of evidence associating dental anxiety with poor oral health outcomes in both children and adults, and the significance of children’s early experiences for the development of dental anxiety, it is clearly imperative that the dental team identifies and works with children who exhibit signs of dental anxiety from an early stage.

Whilst there are a range of interventions available to assist the dental team, successful management of a dentally-anxious child usually entails considerable additional time, effort and expertise . Over recent years it has been increasingly recognised that greater effort should be directed towards behaviour management and psychological interventions which can reduce the patient’s anxiety in the long-term without the need for pharmacological support .

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