Manage your anxiety and stay calm

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Manage your anxiety and stay calm

  • Anti-Anxiety App

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Free for iPhone and Android

Diagnostic quiz to assess your level of stress and anxiety followed by a customised treatment plan alongside self-help videos designed to lessen anxiety and give tips on managing your symptoms.

Includes a daily journal feature and progress tracker.

  • Breathe2Relax

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Free for iPhone and Android 

Guided "belly breathing" exercises to help reduce symptoms during a panic attack.

Can be personalised by changing background, music selection and inhale/exhale timer.

  • Buddhify

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£3.99 for iPhone. £1.99 for Android/Amazon app store

Buddhify teaches mindfulness-based meditation on the go. Over 80+ custom guided meditation tracks lasting from 5-30 minutes focus on different parts of the day and a range of emotions. The App incorporates stats reflecting usage and progress, a check-in facility and a solo meditation timer.

  • De-Stress-ify

destressify app icon 

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