Learning activities for use with the Interculture Project Database: Students' Accounts of Residence Abroad

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Work placements

  1. What will your role and responsibilities be at work?

  2. What sort of relationships do you expect to have with colleagues?  What factors might contribute to having a positive or negative relationship with colleagues?

  3. What do you think you will find challenging in the work situation?

  4. How will you meet people outside work?

2.  Using the options at the top of the search form, students select data only from students who were working in the country to which they are going, and doing the same activity.  They then search the database to find out whether their expectations are confirmed or not.

Discussion of the results can be stimulated with questions such as the following:

  1. Was there anything surprising or unexpected about the information you found?

  2. Have your expectations changed as a result of doing these searches?

  3. What would you recommend as being good preparation for being an [assistant / worker / student], after reading the data in the database?

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