Learning activities for use with the Interculture Project Database: Students' Accounts of Residence Abroad

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Expectations about placement

The database includes interviews, diaries and focus groups from students who went abroad as foreign language assistants, on work placements and as university students. It can therefore be used as a resource for finding out about some of the common experiences of people who are doing the same type of placement as outgoing students. (A small amount of data from students on other types of placement, such as au pair work and voluntary work, is also available by selecting the 'other' category under 'Activity of residence abroad'.)

1.  Working in pairs or small groups, students are asked to discuss and make notes on their expectations about the activity they will be doing whilst abroad.


  1. What do you expect to be the roles and responsibilities involved in being an [assistant / worker / student]?

  2. What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of going abroad as an [assistant / worker / student] are?

  3. What do you think might be good ways for [assistants / workers / students] to meet people?

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