K. M. University, India Christianity in the Land of Santhals: a study of Resistance and Acceptance in Historical Perspective(03U)

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Abbas, Syed Mobarak

Godda College : S.K.M. University, India

Christianity in the Land of Santhals: A Study of Resistance and Acceptance in Historical Perspective(03U)

Christian missionaries have been engaged in efforts to proselytize the people of Santhal Pargana since the nineteenth century. The missionaries established educational and philanthropic centres and gave Santhals the Roman script to communicate with them. However, socioeconomic development accompanying Christianity has not been as spectacular as has been in the neighbouring Chotanagpur. Except for those who converted, Santhals are animists who live in a Hindu setting and remain influenced by their ethos, culture and traditional festivals. The combination between the Hindu influence and ethnic identity has encouraged the Santhals to resist Christianity. Nevertheless, recent developments have produced a closer affinity between Christian converts and the Santhals on moral issues thereby neutralizing the impact of native values.

Organized panel, English

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