Jane is the head of the Social Work Library at uw-madison

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Destination...Dad Mentor – Each mentor is matched with an incarcerated dad. They begin communicating through letter writing and then have the option to meet inside the institution. Upon release, the mentor assists the dad in connecting with his children, following their Reentry Plan, and introducing him to positive social networks.

  • InsideOut Dad Volunteer – Volunteers co-facilitate a 12-session curriculum created by the National Fatherhood Initiative.

  • Messages Project Volunteer – Volunteers videotape inmates recording messages to their children and work with them to complete the necessary Messages Project documents.

  • Day Visit Volunteer – Day Visit volunteers provide supervision and transportation for children to and from the facilities to visit their fathers. The volunteers co-facilitate the visits and provide documentation of the interaction between inmates and their children. Training is given in the use of the assessment tool for the visitation observation.

    Contact: Larry Wayne, Deputy Director of Programs and Community Services for the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services, larry.wayne@nebraska.gov

    Gregg Nicklas, Christian Heritage Co-CEO, gregg.nicklas@chne.org

    Lisa Nicklas, Christian Heritage Co-CEO, lisan@chne.org

    Website: www.chne.org
    Family and Corrections Network

    Family and Corrections Network (FCN) provides information, technical assistance and training on families of offenders, children of prisoners, parenting programs for prisoners, prison visiting, and the impact of the justice system on families. FCN's web site has over 100 articles, an e-mail list, a directory of programs and links to offender family web sites.

    FCN maintains a large collection of pamphlets in its Children of Prisoners Library and Incarcerated Fathers Library on its website. The complete Children of Prisoners Library is also available in Spanish.

    Children of Prisoners Library:

    • Facts and Issues

    Introduction to Children of Prisoners

    Why Maintain Relationships?

    Conversations – Questions Children Ask

    Risk and Protection

    Visiting Mom or Dad

    Jail and Prison Procedures

    Communication Tips for Families

    Caring for Children of Prisoners

    Questions from Caregivers

    What Do Children of Prisoners Need?

    Tips from Caregivers for Caregivers

    Impact of Parental Incarceration

    Challenges for Health Care Providers

    Common Stress Points

    Different Children/ Different Behaviors

    Strategies for Intervention

    Tips for Fostering Trust & Safety

    The Caregiver’s Situation

    • Resource Section

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