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Community Solutions of El Paso

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Community Solutions of El Paso

Community Solutions was formed in El Paso, Texas with the mission to strengthen community by strengthening the most disenfranchised and underserved children, youth and families and to help them achieve their highest potential to become valued members of the mainstream community. Community Solutions has established the Connections Program which provides specialized services for children of prisoners, with outreach to their caregivers and family members. 

  • One-to-One Mentoring – Children of prisoners are matched with caring volunteers who become special friends to the child and their caretaker during a very difficult time. Mentors are provided comprehensive preparatory and on-going training; undergo background and drug screens and receive a home visit from a caseworker before being matched with a “Connections Kid.”

  • Group & Team Mentoring Activities – Participating children are engaged in social, cultural, educational and recreational activities to help the child and their caretaker build trust with the Connections Program staff and mentors, and offer opportunities for interaction with a variety of mainstream community members.

  • Academic Mentoring – Mentors provide after school homework assistance and tutoring in basic academic subjects for participating “Connections Kids.”

  • Re-Entry Life Coaching – On a limited basis, Community Solutions has begun specialized services for returning citizens.  

  • Connections KIDS Care Project – Youth, assisted by mentors, volunteers and staff are responsible for selecting, developing and implementing service-learning projects for others in need throughout the community.

  • Connections KASA – KASA is specialized services for children having parents in prison as a result of an addiction to chemical substances. Services include individual, group and family counseling as well as prevention awareness group sessions.

  • Connections LOVE – LOVE provides regularly scheduled support groups and life enrichment activities for caregivers and other family members to listen, observe, validate and encourage one another during a most challenging life experience. Families are provided reintegration preparation for the return of their loved one from prison and follow up support upon their loved one’s return.

Email: Info@SolutionsForElPaso.org

Website: www.solutionsforelpaso.org

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