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Center for Children of Incarcerated Parents

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Center for Children of Incarcerated Parents

The Center for Children of Incarcerated Parents (CCIP) was founded with the mission of preventing intergenerational crime and incarceration through the development of model services for children of criminal offenders and their families, as well as producing and disseminating information on this population. Since 1989, CCIP has served more than 25,000 families and currently provides services in these four areas:

  • Education – CCIP has conducted dozens of educational projects and produced 14 curricula. The curriculum manuals are sold through the CCIP Clearinghouse. Topics include:

Parent education for prisoners

Parent empowerment

Parent education for substance-dependent parents in treatment

Parent education for elementary school children

Family life education

Health education for incarcerated mothers

Women's issues

Effects of trauma and violence on children

Mentor training

Parent advocacy for prisoners

  • Family Reunification

Child Custody Advocacy Services Project provides assistance to offenders with child custody, child placement or related issues

MotherRight and FatherRight Projects foster healthy parenting by promoting healthy sexuality, healthy reproduction and healthy relationships among clients and their families

The Miracle Project offers case management and other services to pregnant, jailed women and their families for up to five years

Other projects have provided parent mentoring, child and caregiver support services, referrals and placements for families that are failing to supervise their children, and training for children of prisoners

  • Therapeutic Services

Children's services include group and individual therapy, developmental skills-building activities, mentoring, and social-recreational activities

Services to children's caregivers include parent advocacy meetings, parent/caregiver support groups, parent education, and case management

Services to teachers or other site staff include training and support groups

  • Information

CCIP Clearinghouse is a collection of over 3500 documentary and audiovisual items that can be purchased online or by mail through two catalogs

The Catalog for Incarcerated Parents has more than 200 items free of charge to prisoners and their families

The CCIP Journal, the Center’s newsletter, is available online on the CCIP website and by regular mail

CCIP research projects include the landmark "Children of Offenders" and "Children of Criminal Offenders & Foster Care" studies

Contact: Tamara Satterwhite, Administrator or Denise Johnston, M.D., Executive Director, ccip@earthlink.net

Website: www.e-ccip.org

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