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What Happens When Daddy Comes Home

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What Happens When Daddy Comes Home

Urban Leadership Institute

The Urban Leadership Institute provides training and technical assistance on mentoring children of prisoners, with emphasis on working with African American males. What Happens When Daddy Comes Home is a curriculum for fathers who return home from prison.
Contact: David Miller, Chief Visionary Officer, dmiller@urbanleadershipinstitute.com

Website: www.urbanyouth.org

What Will Happen to Me?

portraits by Howard Zehr, interviews with children by Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz.

Howard and Lorraine traveled the nation, photographing children of incarcerated parents and their caregivers, interviewing the children, and now giving us an opportunity to know these families in a direct and wonderful way. Additionally, they have written on the role of restorative justice and reconciliation processes in the pursuit of family justice in a compelling and gentle way that can guide us all.
Contact: Dee Ann Newell, deeannlr@yahoo.com 

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